See what I've done on my Twitter profile? I share my Mastodon account name.

If you want your old Twitter connections to know who you are on Mastodon, you should do the same.

Tools like connect Mastodon users to their Twitter pals' new accounts on Mastodon by using this info

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The greater Fediverse may be about to experience its own version of "The September that Never Ended."

I was there for the first one. Hold on, folks.

If u rip backups of your dvds/blurays/videocds/etc. pls consider saving a raw disc image for archival purposes. future media fans will thank you!

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Also, brief service announcement: VM running the mastodon instance choked due to disk starvation. Added additional disk and am working to figure out where my disk leak is.

Hey @LeDiva, this hit my YouTube feed and I immediately thought of you. 💜

For those who wondered where I went, post DEF CON drop, plus I apparently munged my TLS cert auto-rotate. Should be fixed now.

I really need to be better about maintaining my platforms.

Hey @LeDiva, this just hit my YouTube list this morning. Think you'll enjoy it.

I survived hacker summer camp.

Con drop, however, is a very brutal thing. Mixed with other issues.... Let's just say I'm not having the best weekend.

For those of you who made it out to Hacker Summer Camp, I hope you're doing better (and are still COVID-free).

Batty: I've seen things you Pixels wouldn't believe. Cell towers disguised as fir trees on the borders of Yellowstone. I watched CDMA switchover to LTE while a banker screamed numbly at his phone. All those moments will be lost in time like internal datasheets... for unreleased products. Time to charge.

Nice try, but not enough. Modern broadband should be at least 100mbit symmetrical. We have the technology. It's relatively cheap and easily deployable.

The circles of a Venn diagram containing my two biggest interests don't seem to overlap at all.

This saddens me no end. Especially at 1am when I can't stop doom scrolling and get to sleep.

I just posted my initial thoughts and reactions from a walkthrough of the DEF CON 30 space to my personal blog -- read it here:

Better masking on the plane, but still pretty paltry. Maybe 10%.

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