@neauoire the more people running their own services, the better.

See what I've done on my Twitter profile? I share my Mastodon account name.

If you want your old Twitter connections to know who you are on Mastodon, you should do the same.

Tools like fedifinder.glitch.me connect Mastodon users to their Twitter pals' new accounts on Mastodon by using this info

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@LeDiva thought about this myself, but since I'm running this out of my personal domain, I don't want to fill it with shitheads.

That said, if people want an account and can make an acceptable attempt at a Jedi mind trick towards me, I'll set them up.

Did you know I'm actually hosting the dotorg.org Mastodon instance out of my house?

The greater Fediverse may be about to experience its own version of "The September that Never Ended."

I was there for the first one. Hold on, folks.

@thegibson If they ever got a good supply of Pis back in.... heh.

That said, they're my default when I need eletronic components. They aren't quite as varied as the traditional Radio Shack Wall-o-Parts, but it's convenient.

JB Saunders in Boulder was nice, but they cratered years ago, around the time I moved back to the 303.

I haven't hit the micro stores that are left here.

@thegibson At least now it's only a 5 minute drive from the office, or about 25 minutes from home.

@thegibson Don't blame me for your poor location choices.

(says the guy who, 7 years ago, had the closest Frys or Microcenter at least a 9 hour drive away) 🤣

If u rip backups of your dvds/blurays/videocds/etc. pls consider saving a raw disc image for archival purposes. future media fans will thank you!

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@thegibson @RadicalEdward And none of the rain. Wasn't it supposed to be constantly raining?

Also, brief service announcement: VM running the dotorg.org mastodon instance choked due to disk starvation. Added additional disk and am working to figure out where my disk leak is.

@LeDiva That's some showmanship right there.

I remember, years ago, three members of our drum corps performed "Canon for Three Two-Tone Telephone Books" as part of a talent show. It was actually pretty awesome.

The guy who authored the piece ran the local music store (small mountain town) and was a big supporter of our band.


Hey @LeDiva, this hit my YouTube feed and I immediately thought of you. 💜


For those who wondered where I went, post DEF CON drop, plus I apparently munged my TLS cert auto-rotate. Should be fixed now.

I really need to be better about maintaining my platforms.

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