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So I'm on my way to Vegas for the @dcskytalks site survey (I blame @Niki7a and Zant).

Less than 5 percent of the people I've encountered wearing masks. And this includes me.


From birdsite 

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Everything’s terrible except for this teacher going on Reddit and learning how much her students love her

From the Birbsite -- I'm throwing down $1000 of my own money to help support a good organization make Infosec full of good people of all shapes, colors, and genders. I encourage you all to do the same.

So much fun watching the access.log backscroll on my mastodon instance... Just to see what's hitting it.

Yet another reason I'm moving to self-hosting as much as I can -- cheap, easy entertainment.

So, @thegibson, so glad you caught the Hackers reference.

If you didn't, I was going to demand a /nick change... to @joey. 🤣

Services offline for a few days while I had some infrastructure work at home, taking down the service stack.

We're back up and running now at least.

Stolen from the Birbsite

More accurately, netcat may be performing a tcpdump on your network.

Also, this is a service announcement: the dc-stuff mailing list is currently having bounce problems to gmail and comcast, among others. Work is being done to fix.

Just a service note here -- I set up Mastodon because it was the big tweet-alike available on my radar. There are potential other platforms out there, so this instance does have the possibility of going away, later. We'll see.

I'll take it slow, for now.

Roughly a day into the Fediverse, and already I'm seeing a better quality of feeds and interactions. Of course, I haven't added that many people yet.

Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

And if you're confused by what this means, you obviously don't remember Slashdot from about 20 years ago.

Be grateful.

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Hello, world!

Well, it was either that or "First Post!" And then I'd be thinking about a breakfast of hot grits... -- we have a long memory.

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